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Chicago contains 400,000 lead service lines that connect the water main to the faucets in local homes, parks, schools, and more. A whopping 80% of Chicago homes are affected, posing health risks associated with lead exposure including lead poisoning. Although Chicago’s mayor has a plan in place fo...

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When you think of a home renovation, replacing your lead pipe line may not be at the top of your list. A kitchen remodel or siding project may enhance the look of your home—but a pipe line upgrade will significantly improve your health! Lead poisoning is a common and serious threat in homes all thro...

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Did you run out of toilet paper during the great TP shortage of 2020? If so, how did you fare? It probably won’t make you feel any better to know that 70% of people in the world don’t even use toilet paper or that until about 140 years ago, Americans didn't use it, either. So, how did people wipe...

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