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Often times plumbers out there believe that "one pump fits all". This couldn't be further from the truth. When trying to decide on the sump or ejector pump that will make the most sense for you, you have to answer several questions? What are you going to be pumping? Do you directly control what w...

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Recently, a car drove into a sinkhole that was 14’ x14’ and 12 feet deep.  Fortunately, the driver did not sustain life-threatening injuries, however, his car did. The results of this mishap could have been dramatically different, though, had the driver sustained significant injuries, of which it wa...

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There are two different kinds of pumps used in the home today – each of them with their own unique purpose.  One of them is used for the removal of ground water. The second is used to remove sewer waste from areas that are not served by a gravity sewer. These pumps are known as a sump pump and an ej...

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What is Grey Water?

“Grey Water” sounds strange but in the plumbing world it defines domestic water that has been used and with some basic treatment can be reused for certain purposes. First off, what kinds of water can be reused? Water from a lavatory sink, a tub or a shower is all that can be reused in a home setting...

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Have you ever wondered why so many people have sewer problems in the spring. Most people think it is just because of spring rains. The spring rains don't help but the reason the spring rains have such an effect on our sewers is because while our trees were hibernating on the surface their roots were...

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