Drain chemicals almost blind a Chicago Plumber

We were called out to a customer's home recently for a clogged laundry sink drain. While my plumber was rodding the drain, this old bottle of drain cleaning chemical dropped from the shelf, hit the sink and splashed onto my plumbers face. I am so thankful that my plumber was quick in his actions and he immediately stood up, turned on the faucet and started to flush his eyes and wash his face. My plumber very luckily avoided losing his sight and scaring his face but what scares me most is this: What if my customer's child had this happen to them? It is possible that a child could have been the recipient of the falling bottle of drain chemicals. If that had been the case it is not likely that they would have known what to do so quickly. The reason why I am writing this post is that drain chemicals are first, not good for your pipes. Second, they are dangerous. Essentially, drain cleaning chemicals are acid. They ruin your pipes and if anyone gets the chemicals on them it can seriously hurt them. Any time I am in a customer's home and I see any of these products I plead with the homeowner to dispose of them. It scares me to think someone might get hurt or scared should they come in contact with the chemicsl. If you want to be proactive and keep your drains open, then talk to your plumbing professional and find a product that is safe for your plumbing and safe for the residence.