If you have read the news lately there is no shortage of scams out there. One scam to be particularly careful about is people claiming to be employees of the water department or the city. In this scam they will approach your house and claim to need access to your home. They may say they need to check your water meter or something similar. Do not even open the door. Anyone that needs to gain access to your home would have been set up in advance. At John Baethke & Son Plumbing we will never come to your home unannounced. Because of the sensitivity of having a service provider in your home you will always be informed of the name of the plumber that will be at your home as well. To add to your safety we will always be in a uniform that has the company name as well as the name of the plumber. If that wasn't enough you can also go to our website at www.BaethkePlumbing.com and take a look at a picture of the plumber that is coming out as well as watch a short Bio video about him. At John Baethke & Son we perform background checks on 100% of our employees and we have a zero tolerance policy for any questionable background. We also perform pre-hire and random drug testing as well as Department of Motor Vehicle checks 3 times per year. This may seem extraordinary but your safety and comfort is our #1 concern. Please be safe and if anyone approaches your property do not allow them in unless they were expected and if it is at all questionable call the company or department that they claim to be with. From the person answering our phones to the plumber in your home you know you can have confidence and trust in John Baethke & Son Plumbing.