Chicago is known for the chilly winter months. So, before the temperature dips too low, make sure you do the proper precautions to guarantee you wont have any problems this winter with frozen pipes.
Step one in winterizing your home is to clear any outdoor valves of sitting water. To do this, first turn off the main water valve so that no new water flows into the pipes. Next, open the valves to outdoor faucets to let the current standing water out. Once this water is flushed out, close the outdoor valve and then turn back on the main valve.

To help keep pipes from freezing, insulate the ones that are more susceptible to cold temperatures – such as those in unfinished areas of the home like the basement. You can purchase installation at a local hardware store and simply wrap the pipes with the insulation.

If you plan on leaving your home for an extended period of time during a very cold time of year, consider letting a small stream of water flow out of the faucets in your home. Moving water is less susceptible to freezing and will help prevent frozen pipes. Also, make sure you keep your house temperature above 55 degrees so that enough warm air circulates.

If you have any questions about winterizing your home before the freezing temperatures, give us a call at Baethke & Son Plumbing!