If you have an old, charcoal, canister-style water filter installed in your home, it may be time to upgrade your water filtration system. These outdated filters are great for providing clean drinking water, but they are not as efficient at removing solids as many of the newer systems available.

In a video on Chicago Building Inspections’ YouTube channel, John Baethke from Chicago plumbing company John Baethke & Son appeared alongside host Ross Neag to demonstrate how a water filter is changed. The two spoke about the convenience of having a new water filter system installed, and how possible it is to enjoy clean, bottled-water quality water flowing through your home.

With a new water filter installation in place, you’ll upgrade your home with a more efficient filter that is easier to maintain. Water filter replacement can mean getting rid of outdated, bulky, and low-performance filtering in favor of full home water filtration solutions. In this guide, we’ll go over the top benefits that come with a new filtration system—and why having one can be a great investment for your home.

Removes Contaminants From Water

One of the primary reasons that most people have a water filtration system installed in their homes is to help to remove contaminants from their water. While most water from city-owned plumbing circuits run through a filtration system, most of us living on well water systems will prefer to rely on an in-house water filter. This can help remove metals and contaminants from reaching your cooking, bathing, or drinking water.

Provides Safe Drinking Water At All Times

As plumbing gets older, the thought of corroding pipes can be a scare for many people—especially those with cast iron pipes. A water filter will allow you to get safe drinking water at all times to better protect you and your family when consuming water from your faucets.

Helps With Disaster Preparedness

In the event of an expected disaster such as a hurricane, you can use your filtered water to help stock up on clean water. This can help you be better prepared in case your water supply is disrupted or a boil notice is in effect for your area. Having clean, filtered water will easily allow you to stock up at any time to avoid having to run to the store for bottled water.
Can Help To Protect The Environment

With filtered water coming in straight from your faucet, you can reduce the number of plastic water bottles you will have to buy. This can greatly help reduce your overall carbon footprint as many people drink 1-2 plastic bottles of water a day. That can equal up to 300-600 plastic bottles a year!

Reduces Plumbing Repair Bills

As a water filter starts to filter out metals and other contaminants from your water, it can help to protect your plumbing fixtures from hard water damage. Hard water and water that has foreign materials in it can cause damage to fixtures and other plumbing pipes that can result in a large repair bill. Using a water filter can help reduce these chances as the water flowing through your system will be free of these contaminants.

Water Filtration System Installation In Chicago

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