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The premier Chicago plumbing company since 1993, John Baethke & Son is a proud part of the local community. Just as we strive to provide excellent service to our customers, we also focus on contributions to the future of our community. Our company's founder and Troop 57 Assistant Scout Master, John Baethke does this by working closely with local Boy Scouts, teaching home repair and wilderness survival techniques.

Skills of the Trade

This past November, Baethke hosted nearly a dozen Boy Scouts in his home to teach the basics of home plumbing repair. These skills are necessary for the scouts to earn the highly coveted, "Plumbing Merit Badge", which includes completion of several tasks, such as:

  • Drafting Drainage Systems
  • Cutting, Threading, & Connecting Two Pieces of Steel Pipe
  • Replacing a Faucet Washer
  • Cleaning Out a Sink Trap
  • Describe How a Properly Working Plumbing System Protects a Family's Health
  • List the Safety Precautions to Take When Working on Plumbing
  • Explain the Use of Drains & Vents
  • Identifying the Tools and Materials of the Trade

For Baethke, teaching these young adults is highly rewarding. More than that, he feels that exposure to these lessons gives the teens a newfound respect for plumbing services, and shows them that a career in plumbing could be a viable, rewarding path to consider.

Getting Other Contractors Involved…

As a representative of the Boy Scouts, Baethke has encouraged other PCA Midwest signatory contractors to get involved with their local troops. Trained, licensed contractors are always needed to help teach the scouts essential skills or help them earn advanced merit badges. The process to get started involves taking a simple online youth protection training course through the Boy Scouts of America. Yet, it allows local small businesses to give something back to their industries by exposing young people to the challenging and essential home repair and remodeling trades.

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