Gas Poisoning

Did you hear about the carbon monoxide poisoning in Skokie, Illinois that left 12 people hospitalized? Here is WGN’s coverage:

I’ve written in the past about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide. This week a friend of mine almost lost his sister, niece and four other members of his family to Carbon Monoxide. They were at home and unaware there was an issue with their furnace. Luckily my friend’s brother-in-law was awake watching television when he heard his wife fall to the floor, overcome by the odorless gas. He immediately called 911 and although all were hospitalized, all of them thankfully survived. The situation could have easily ended with 6 fatalities. Only luck saved them that night. They had NO Carbon Monoxide detectors in their apartment.

To significantly reduce the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, you must install a CO detector in your home.

You can’t have false security from having you furnace checked either. Their furnace was checked just 2 days before this happened. When you call a HVAC service company, make sure they are testing for Carbon Monoxide. It could save your life.