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Logan Square Commercial Plumbing

Baethke Plumbing has served as a go-to BBB A+ rated commercial plumbing installer and repair company since 1993. We strive to provide streamlined repairs and cleaning services so your business doesn't have to deal with a lot of downtime.

Our commercial plumbing services in Logan Square run the gamut from simple fixes to complete replumbing of a building. Ask us about:

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Drain and Sewer Line Repair
  • Commercial Repiping
  • Water Leak Services

Drain Cleaning Services in Logan Square

A backed up drain is a real hassle to deal with when you don't have professional-grade equipment on hand. That's where Baethke Plumbing comes into the picture! We have the tools and experienced, licensed plumbers needed to clear even the most obstructed systems.

Our plumbers can help you with:

We can even clean out your restaurant's grease trap too!

Swift Drain and Sewer Line Repair

Surprisingly, damaged and leaking pipes aren't always immediately noticeable. Unless you have a major flood, the issues won't be recognized until you have a water spot in the ceiling or walls, rattling air-filled pipes, or increased water bill.

Whatever draws your attention to the damaged water lines and plumbing, you can get the fix completed by our experts. We provide drain and sewer repair services for damage of all scopes and sizes in the Greater Chicago Area.

Comprehensive Commercial Repiping

Every 40 to 50 years, the metal plumbing system in your business should be replaced. Otherwise, the risk of a major leak requiring costly commercial plumbing repairs goes up. At Baethke Plumbing, we offer commercial repiping for Logan Square businesses.

Our plumbers can help you with installing a new plumbing system or just replacing a few sections of damaged, corroded pipe.

Prompt Water Leak Repairs

When your water pipes start leaking, a fast response is needed to stop the damage as quickly as possible. We respond to your call for water leak repairs right away. Our team will assess the site on arrival and shut off the water to prevent further leaks.

We'll also provide a pipe inspection to find the source of the leak and create a repair plan to fix it. Our contractors can give you some suggestions for avoiding future water issues in your building too.

Learn More About Our Commercial Pl​umbing Services in Logan Square

When you need help right away with a commercial plumbing leak repair, give us a call today. Or else, you can use our online form to submit a request for a plumbing estimate today.

Baethke Plumbing is available to help you with other plumbing needs like:

Let us take care of your Logan Square plumbing replacement or repairs at your convenience.​