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Having a garbage disposal in your home can be a major convenience—if you know how to use a garbage disposal properly. But what if you begin have problems with your garage disposal? The experts at Baethke Plumbing have some advice about proper garbage disposal usage and a few tips on how you can remedy common garbage disposal issues to keep your appliance in good working order.

Proper Use of a Garbage Disposal

First, water is essential when using your garbage disposal. Always make sure the cold water is running at full stream before you put any food waste in the garbage disposal. Your disposal can handle just about anything with enough water.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

A properly functioning garbage disposal makes quick work of clean up in your kitchen. When problems occur, they can usually be taken care of on your own. Here are a few tips to help you solve common garage disposal problems:

  • Simple Clogs: To unclog your garbage disposal, fill the bowl of the sink about 3/4 full and turn the switch on. A majority of the time, running a large amount of water through the disposal will remove the clog.
  • Major Clogs: For major clogs, use a plunger with a flat surface that molds to the bottom of the sink bowl to remove the clog. With enough force, you should be able to force the clog from the garbage disposal.
  • Jams: If you have a jammed garbage disposal, you won’t hear the normal grinding sound when you turn it on. Instead, the motor will emit a quiet humming sound. You can insert a tool into the bottom center of the motor to unjam your garbage disposal.
  • No Power: If nothing happens when you turn on the switch to your disposal, the problem generally lies with the reset switch. Turn off the switch on the countertop, look underneath the garbage disposal, and hit the reset switch. Once you reset the garbage disposal, it should return to proper working order.

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