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Plumber/Service Tech


Short Bio: Starting in junior high school I began to help my father, who was a plumber, from time to time and found plumbing an interesting career choice. While I was not certain to commit to a career in plumbing just yet, I did file an application for plumbing trade school when I graduated from high school. After completing two years of college, my application was called and at that time I decided to change my focus and accepted an invitation to start trade school. I never looked back and now some 42 years later are so thankful for the life that my career as a journeyman plumber has provided for me and my family. 

Favorite part of your job: The favorite part of my job has always been the daily variety of people, places, and plumbing challenges I have encountered and resolved. 

Decade you wish you grew up in: I fully have enjoyed the decade that I have grown up in because it’s the one I have lived, experienced, and enjoyed. I have been blessed with the family I have and the friends I have made along the way. 

Dream vacation: My dream vacation is to one day visit the Hawaiian islands to experience their amazing landscapes. 

Favorite food: My favorite food has always been any Italian dishes. I love pasta!! 

What is your definition of success: My definition of success is to meet, beat, and conquer the challenges that come my way every day.

If you could time travel, when and/or where would you go? If I could time travel I would love to go back and experience the early 1900s so I could meet and see my grandparents who I lost at a very early age.

In a movie about your life, who would you want to play you? Tom Hanks 

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving /Christmas

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