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Solar water heaters are awesome. The best thing is that even in our cold climate they can be very effective. You just need to make sure that you put in the best system for this climate. The most efficient system overall is evacuated tube. Evacuated tube is also however not what we should install in Chicago. The reason evacuated tube is so efficient is that you lose almost no heat from the solar panel. That is also the reason they don’t work here. A regular flat panel solar panel will lose a little heat from its surface affecting its efficiency just a little but the benefit is that the heat that is lost will actually melt any snow that falls on its surface so that it can actually continue to work. The evacuated tube systems will hold their heat and the snow will not melt off and therefor the sun will not get in to create hot water. The bottom line is that when and or if you decide to have a solar water heating system installed make sure you do your home work and hire a contractor that will know about these kinds of design issues.
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