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Baethke Plumbing is looking to hire a Certified Service Plumber. If you believe your background may be a good fit for the opening, please reach out and apply here!

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SHORT BIO: I started my career of plumbing by working from time to time with my father during school breaks. I really enjoyed that and at 18, I chose to make it a career by starting an apprenticeship in plumbing. I worked in new construction for 7 years before starting my own business and initially continued to do new construction for the first 2 years. I very quickly switched to service because of the joy and satisfaction I received serving others. 

Favorite part of your job: I get the most joy out of helping people. Every day we get to help someone in their home or business make their plumbing safer for themselves and their families.Decade you wish you grew up in: 1950’s, it seems like such a fun time with all of the muscle cars and rock and roll being the new thing. 

Dream vacation: Hawaii 

Favorite food: I love seafood so probably Sushi 

What is your definition of success: I think anyone that can say they are happy is a successIf you could time travel, when and/or where would you go? 1885, that is the year cars were invented and I think it would have been so cool to see that for the first time In a movie about your life, who would you want to play you? George Clooney

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

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