Your Guide to Proper Plumbing

John Baethke is the proud owner of John Baethke and Son, located in Chicago. In this series of articles, Baethke shares tips on how to improve your household plumbing and discusses how the right company can help.

Who To Call With Your Chicago Plumbing Emergencies

Sometimes, you run into a situation when waiting for a plumber is out of the question. Knowing who to call for your plumbing emergencies can help you avoid major damage to your home.

Seeking Help From a Green Plumber

If you care about the environment, you may wish to apply that concern toward your plumbing. See how your local Green Plumber can help.

Reasons Why Your Drain Clogs and Ways to Fix it

A clogged drain can put a damper on some of your most important routines. Learn how to prevent and resolve even the biggest problems regarding your household drains and pipes.

Do You Need Repiping for Your Chicago Home?

You may not realize that your piping system is faulty until you find yourself with major problems. Learn how to tell when your piping needs replacement.

Water Saving Tips for Your Chicago Household

Water is one of the most important resources there is. Read up on how you can save water in your own home.