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Sewer Cleaning

Cleaning Your Chicago Sewer

Some Chicago plumbing companies may choose to blast high water pressure through your sewer to remove the buildup of grease and roots. While this may be effective, it only serves as a temporary solution. John Baethke & Son Plumbing approaches sewer cleaning in a more efficient way. Our specialized technicians incrementally create openings with increasing sizes along your sewer. Doing so allows for greater sewage flow and the restoration of your pipe to its full diameter.

Our sewer cleaning service includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Rodding
  • Video Inspection

Sewer cleaning can be done in several different ways. A sewer can be rodded with a machine that uses a metal cable and different attachments on the end for different kinds of pipes and obstructions. You can also clean a sewer with high pressure water. The use of high pressure water is appropriate in several different applications, like the removal of roots as well as the break down of grease build up. The way John Baethke and son is different is the way we clear a sewer line is that we do more that just get it draining. What many other companies will do is quickly throw a cable down the sewer and just poke a hole so that the water drains. The problem is that the homeowner assumes they are back in business but what they don’t realize is that their 6” sewer has only a 2” opening and will likely clog back up in a short amount of time. John Baethke and Son starts by getting that 2” opening so that the water can drain but then we remove all of the equipemt and incrementally re rod with progressively larger heads until we have the largest possible head in the line. Often that is a 6” cutter in the 6” pipe. This is obviously better because then we are restoring the pipe to its full diameter. We also offer the possibility to video inspect the line so that the home owner and our plumber can actually see that the line is fully open. The video inspecting of the line provides many benefits in addition to knowing the job was done well. We can also determine the overall condition of the sewer. We also upload all videos to our You Tube Channel so that they can be referred back to at a later date for reference or even comparison.

We understand you may not have as much knowledge of how plumbing and sewer cleaning works. The only way to ensure your sewer has been properly cleaned is to conduct a live video feed of your pipes. Through our video, we not only determine the overall condition of your sewer, but can display your properly cleaned sewer, as well. We're confident in our sewer cleaning skills and you can be, too. Contact us at (773) 276-5430 to have your sewer cleaned today.

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