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We live in an area that can get pretty cold in the winter time. It is not unusual to have dozens of frozen pipes every season. John Baethke & Son Plumbing performs pipe thawing and we also repair broken water lines from freezing. IF a water line in your home is subject to freezing your best bet is to correct that. Some reasons could be that the pipe is installed in an outside wall. Another is that it is installed in a basement or a crawl space that is not heated. We can correct any interior pipe freezing problem and that will always be the top option offerd so that it will never happen again. If however you have an issue with the water main service coming in freezing, we can try to thaw that but to correct that and to keep it fro happening in the future may not be possible. This winter was particularly brutal and our old frost line of 42” has been broken. This year the frost got down to nearly 5 feet and the problem with that is that most water mains are only 5 feet deep by code. So what do you do if the frost line is going that deep and your water main is likely to freeze? The only thing you can do is to keep your water running. Running water cant freeze. Just make sure that whatever fixture you decide to keep running drains well enough so that you don’t have it over flow.
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