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Around Town: Winter Activities, Olympics-Style!

The Winter Olympics may be over, but that doesn't mean that you have to give up curling and other "uniquely Olympic" sports completely.  Here is a list of some Winter Olympic... READ MORE »

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Ask the Expert: What do you recommend for filtering water at home?

Q:  What do you recommend for filtering water at home? A:  There are many reasons to filter you water at home. If you're concerned with chlorine, then you should install... READ MORE »

Staff Focus: Rodney “Rex” Tracy

Rodney Tracy has recently joined our team here at John Baethke & Son Plumbing.  “Rex”, as he is known, started working with us about two months ago. Rex is a... READ MORE »

Plumbing 101: Fix a Running Toilet

If you’re a little handy and you have the time, fixing that running toilet should not be too difficult. The majority of time a toilet is running is because it has a bad tank... READ MORE »

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The Risks of Hiring a Side Jobber

As a professionally run business, I naturally don’t think much of employees doing side jobs. The first concern for me as the business owner is that the side jobber is taking... READ MORE »