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What Can You Do to Help the Victims of Hurricane Matthew?

It's with a heavy heart we look upon the destruction that hurricane Matthew has cuased. Not only has this hurricane effected people in the U.S. It's also devastated families and communities in the Caribbean states. Early reports from Haiti are coming in with an unbelieveable 300 confirmed deaths with an estimated 500 more deaths, but it's still unclear and will be for some time until the debris has been cleared and relief efforts have begun. Aside from all of the tragedies both in America and the Caribbean states, due to all of the flooding, much of the east coasts infastructure has been destroyed. Roads along the coast line are washing away because of the high tides. Trees have been knocked down, city blocks are being flooded which is blocking roads and making it difficult for citizens to recieve the resources that are necessary for survival. Roads, builings, and homes are being reduced to rubble that surely cannot and will not be rebuilt for sometime. Even if people have been lucky enough to avoid death their personal belongings and homes have been destroyed. As we've all seen from other tragedies in the past such as hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans is still struggling to rebuild. These communities that were hurt by hurricane Matthew will be in a rebuilding process for some time, so that begs the question... what can we do to help?

You know that can of peaches or cream of mushroom soup that have been sitting in your pantry for a little while that you havent even thought of eating? Well instead of letting it just sit there, this is your chance to do something great for citizens of the world who were hurt by this hurricane.Donate canned goods to help people who will be going hungry. We hope that you can find it in your heart to donate to one of the many foundations helping these people. Every dollar or can of soup can help someone in need. Even if you don't have the ability to donate money or food to these causes, just spreading the word can make a big difference!

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