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Fun Facts About Voting!

  • By 2015 the millennial generation will account for 1/3 of the electorate.
  • 50% of eligible young voters (18-29) cast a vote in 2012, totaling in at 23 million votes.
  • In 2012, 4% more young women voted than young men.
  • Young voters were more likely to vote in 2012 if they lived in a battleground state (a state that does not consistently lean democratic or Republican-- the winning party is a toss-up). 58% of young voters cast a vote if they lived in one of these states.
  • 40% of millennials identify as non-white, making them the most diverse voting generation in history.
  • Through voting you have the opportunity to influence our government
  • Every vote matters! There have been a few cases in U.S. history where this has been seen. In 2008 the Alaskan Congressional race was decided by a single vote out of 10,035. Also a New Hampshire senate race was decided by two votes out of 223,363 in 1974.
  • In the state of Illinois, between October 12th to november 7th you can register to vote durring "the grace period". In this case, you must vote right after you register. You can also register to vote on elecion day, but you must vote in your home precint.
  • Currently there are roughly 218,959,000 citizens eligable to vote in the upcoming election, however roughly 146,311,000 are registered to vote. This shows that roughly 2/3 of americans are registered to vote... The real question though is how many of the registered voters will actually show up for polling?
  • Texas Governor Greg Abott has been quoted saying, "the fact is voter fraud is rampant". However the rate of fraud in the U.S. elections is close to zero. Matter of fact UFO sightings are more common as well as your chances of getting struck by lightning.
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